Culture to experience in the Vogtland area ...

... for the citizens and guests of the Vogtland area in the public buildings of the “Vogtland Kultur Ltd.”. Seven of the most different facilities of the Vogtlanddistrict are prosecuted by the Vogtland Kultur Ltd. since 1997, the administration of the Vogtlanddistrict is the only acting partner of it. The Vogtland Kultur Ltd. has a complete new structure. The main commission is the preservation and development of the cultural proposals in the region of the Vogtland. The Vogtland Kultur Ltd. is grant- aided through the administration of the Vogtlanddistrict and the “Kulturraum Vogtland-Zwickau”.

All public buildings of the “Vogtland Kultur Ltd.” are unique with there very specific proposals for the region and each constitution contains there own potential for there image in a special cultural area.

At this times, where the leisuretime factor developes an ever increasing role, we offer attractive proposals for a suggestive application and capabilities for the regeneration of the human resources. The occasions to travel are more and more in conformity with age and interests, and many peoble use service provider for arrangements and transaction.

The public buildings of the “Vogtland Kultur Ltd.” afford an important for the profitabilities of the service and touristic industry. But not only for tourists these atractiv sources are necessary. The citizens of the Vogtlanddistrict use the multifaceted proposals of the “Vogtland Kultur Ltd.”, to influence the quality of life, the postive vibes of the “Vogtland Kultur Ltd.” creates Identity. The cultural infrastructure is a decesive factor for the question of locations of the establishing companies.

The “Vogtland Kultur Ltd.” Adds new jobs and secures other jobs because of the placing of commissions. Our employees are well qualified and motivated. They`re taking responsibility for the visitors and guests, develope new proposals and respond by setting a new trend. All public buildings of the “Vogtland Kultur Ltd.” are opened all season , that means all our products are always in connection with the slogan “Culture to experience in the Vogtland”, for top-culture and top-tourism in our area. Sophisticated, multiplex events and valuables of the museums support the attraction of the region of Vogtland, in economically and touristc vision.

Discover in the public buildings of the “Vogtland Kultur Ltd.” true cultural treasures, visit sophisticated concerts and events, and let us spoil you with culinary deliciousness or get married in a very beautiful atmosphere. The “Vogtland Kultur Ltd.” is planing and organizing your special presentation, meetings and congresses, ceremonies and celebrations.